Arbitration Attorneys in Kent

What is Arbitration?

When two parties cannot agree, litigation is not their only means of resolution. Arbitration is another method of resolving disputes, and it may have several advantages over litigation. In arbitration an impartial third party oversees the proceedings and renders a decision. An arbitrator is usually an individual with extensive legal knowledge and experience. Specialized training in dispute resolution qualifies them to help parties arrive at a fair and reasonable outcome. Although it is not presided over by a judge, the outcome of the arbitration may still be legally binding.

Advantages of Arbitration

Litigation is a common concept to most people. In the right circumstances a trial can be an effective means of resolving any number of difficult situations. However, going to trial can be time consuming and expensive. An increasing number of disputes are being resolved through the more convenient and less expensive method of arbitration. In addition, arbitration allows parties to settle their disputes privately as opposed to litigation.

Do I Need an Attorney for Arbitration?

While an impartial third party presides at the arbitration, the disputing parties need to have legal representation. It is only through having an experienced attorney at their side that a party to arbitration can be certain that all of their concerns are being addressed and their interests are being protected.

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