Civil Appeals

Civil Appeals Attorneys in Kent

After going through a long and arduous civil litigation process, it may be necessary to file an appeal to have an unjust decision reversed. Alternatively, sometimes it is necessary for the prevailing party to defend the court’s decision when the other party files an appeal.

The Difference Between Civil Litigation and Appeals

If you are at or near the conclusion of a civil litigation matter, you may already be considering the possibility of an appeal. Most clients assume it is always best to continue to retain with the lawyer who has guided them through the initial litigation, but this is not always the case. Ohio appellate lawyers approach the case from a different angle. It is not their job to convince a jury of a certain set of facts. Instead, they are charged with persuading a judge that Ohio law requires a decision in favor of their client. Their focus on the application of law and emphasis on convincing the judge makes their practice quite different from that of the trial lawyer.

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At the appellate level the stakes may be higher than ever. It is imperative to have experienced appellate lawyers like the practitioners at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC working for you. Contact us to learn more about filing an appeal or defending against an appeal. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.