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Condominium Law Attorneys in Portage County

Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC has an extensive condominium practice. If you are looking to develop a condominium project from scratch, be it a commercial condominium or a residential condominium, our attorneys can help. Likewise, if you have an existing project which you wish to convert to a condominium, we can help with that too. We are versed in all the legal requirements necessary to prepare the declaration, bylaws, disclosure statements, and sales and construction contracts and to set up the association for your condominium project.

Not only do we have the necessary legal knowledge during our years of practice we have been involved in all sorts of condominium projects, commercial and residential. We have the practical experience to help you establish a condominium project that fits the specific needs of the situation. To effectively establish condominium project, also requires knowledge of the local zoning and planning requirements, and experience in dealing with the local zoning boards and planning commissions; in our practice we have developed that knowledge and experience.

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