Drug Paraphernalia

Drug Paraphernalia

If you or someone you know is facing drug paraphernalia charges, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before pleading guilty or entering into any sort of plea agreement. With skilled legal representation from Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC, an attorney with experience, legal knowledge, and familiarity with the court system may be able to have these charges reduced or dropped.

Drug paraphernalia is described under Ohio Rev. Code Section 2925.14 as any equipment, product, or material of any kind that is used by the offender, intended by the offender for use, or designed for use, in propagating, cultivating, growing, harvesting, manufacturing, compounding, converting, producing, processing, preparing, testing, analyzing, packaging, repackaging, storing, containing, concealing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body, a controlled substance.

This law covers a broad range of substances, materials, intents, uses, circumstantial and direct evidence regarding pharmaceutical, as well as street drugs. The penalties for drug paraphernalia charges vary based on the drug or drugs involved, any evidence of intent to sell, the intended use stated by the defendant, and many other factors. Section 2925.14(F) of the Ohio Rev. Code lists the possible penalties associated with a drug paraphernalia conviction.

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The penalties for drug-related charges in Ohio can be severe and should be taken seriously. Contact Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC today to learn what you can do to protect yourself from drug paraphernalia charges.