A global pandemic unlike anything we have ever seen before is impacting individuals worldwide and causing many to panic. With a death rate that is increasing daily, many individuals are becoming concerned with their estate planning. We here at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC are aware of these increasing concerns and we are here to help.

During this difficult time many individuals may consider trying to prepare their own estate documents. While preparing your own estate documents may eliminate any need to meet in person with an attorney, it is risky. An attorney is able to evaluate your needs and prepare the documentation that is right for you. A generic online template may not adhere to your situation as well and could cause trouble in the long run.

How can we help?

Given these current circumstances and how intimidating it can be to meet in person with an attorney, we are doing everything we can to help. For example, our attorneys are able and willing to meet with you remotely in order to discuss your needs. Our attorneys are available to discuss your estate planning needs via email, telephone, or video conferencing. Whether you are looking to prepare a living will, last will and testament, or even a power of attorney, we are here to help. We are able to discuss your needs, prepare the necessary documentation, and provide the documents to you for your review, all without you leaving your own home.

Once the documents are fully prepared, approved, and ready for your signature, coming into our office to sign the documents will be necessary. Our staff is working hard to follow proper social distancing and other health procedures in order to minimize contact. Coming in to execute your estate planning documents will be quick and easy in order to keep you safe.

If you are considering your needs to prepare estate documents during this difficult time, contact our offices at 330-673-3444 to speak with an experienced attorney.