The passing of a loved one is a distressing event. Adding to the confusion of the following days and weeks is the need to carry out the final wishes of the deceased. The probate and estate planning attorneys at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC help people understand and carry out their responsibilities even as they cope with this significant life event.

Have a Plan for Your Estate

Even when a thorough estate plan that includes a last will and testament is in place it is not easy for the executor and other appointed parties to know precisely how to handle their unfamiliar duties. Most people have no first-hand knowledge of the probate process nor have they ever administered a trust before. Much to their frustration, they often find that they are ill-equipped to actually carry out the items defined in the last will and testament and other estate planning documents. This is further complicated by the Rules of the Probate Court.

That is why working with the proposed estate planning attorneys at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC is so important. Our knowledgeable, experienced lawyers thoroughly understand the Ohio probate process. We can ensure that the executor fulfills all of his or her duties without running afoul of the law or neglecting important stipulations that are defined in the decedent’s will. Moreover, our probate and estate planning attorneys have the skill and knowledge to assist and advise trust administrators in the performance of their duties.

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The practitioners at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC have years of experience with helping people plan their estates and with helping executors and administrators fulfill their responsibilities. Our tact, compassion and unsurpassed legal knowledge mean that we are prepared to assist people through the probate process during what is an undoubtedly difficult time. Contact us or give us a call at 330-673-3444 to schedule your initial consultation. Weekend and evening appointments are available.