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Family law has developed into one of the most common areas of legal practice for attorneys who represent clients with issues affecting their families. As contemporary society transitions and grows in the 21st Century, the need for a highly effective means of protecting family interests and concerns increases in scope and implementation. Courts are very serious when children are caught in the middle of a family dispute or their welfare is in jeopardy, and they are quick to intervene as the advocate of all minors who do not understand how their lives can be changed with a lack of consideration in family law situations. Not only can legal problems be civil court issues, but they can be criminal issues as well when a parent is creating a disturbance in the home. And it always takes solid legal representation when going to family law court on any legal matter.

Child Custody and Visitation

There are effectively two types of divorces. Those are ones involving minor children or other financial dependents, and those where the primary focus will be on division of property. The court is very serious when evaluating child custody and financial support obligations, and parents with criminal or behavior issues could find themselves being restricted when visitation is assigned. WWK Law in Kent Ohio has extensive experience in all types of custody and financial support situations, and we are focused on the best possible outcome for all dependent children when custody and visitation are being evaluated by the court.

Interstate custody disputes

Determining custody assignment is a primary concern for the Ohio court system when needed, and other states will typically observe and enforce any custody agreement in an originating state. Interstate custody disputes can still be very complicated, especially when one parent is in violation of an order, and having an aggressive Kent, Ohio divorce attorney is often necessary to enforce custody orders across state lines for resident parents.

Parental Relocation

Parental relocation can easily be where interstate custody disputes begin, and it is always best to address this family law matter privately before making any move. Regardless of how much lead time the relocating parent can provide, the court or the individual spouse’s Kent divorce lawyer should be apprised of the relocation. This can often not be stopped, but temporary arrangements can be made quickly after informing the authorities, including in shared parenting agreement cases.

Child Support

Child support is always a central issue in a divorce case when minor children are involved. The non-custodial parent will typically be assessed some amount of child support based primarily on their income and personal assets. Those parents of significant means should pay child support based on that standard of living, including the former spouse.

Spousal Support

All divorces are not equal when property division is being assessed by the court. Many times a comprehensive divorce mediation will result in an agreement to pay alimony when standard of living will be diminished along with complications in dividing property. Alimony is commonly the most effective remedy when property distribution heavily favors the wealthier of the separating spouses, which will be a central focus for family law professionals during a divorce mediation or when going to court.

Property Division

Property division is a central component of any divorce process. The court essentially views marriage as a business partnership when family property is divided, and many times the best avenue for an equitable settlement is a divorce mediation where both sides can present their claims in a private setting while negotiating an agreement that the court will accept. This is a vital issue in most divorce cases, as there can be significant complications when both asset distribution and financial liability distribution are factors in the separation.

Post Decree Modification

It is possible for divorced couples to wind up in court again when a post decree modification is necessary. This is especially true when dependent children are involved. Significant increases or decreases in financial means for both parents can result in changes to divorce agreements when the petitioning party can prove their claim in court. Following a court ruling, your Kent, Ohio family attorney from WWK Law can ensure that all order modifications from the court are enforced.


Adoption is one of the most important areas of family law, but it can also be a very complicated legal area. Ohio couples who want to open their home to children in need of parental relationships often face obstacles when going through the legal process. Being approved by an Ohio court can be a frustrating experience without assistance from a knowledgeable Kent Ohio family attorney who understands what the court expects from those petitioning for adoption.


Paternity cases are common in contemporary society. Raising a child requires both financial and emotional input from both parents, and sometimes mandated paternity testing is the only option. Conversely, potential fathers also have the right to petition for paternity testing as well. While these are legal matters that do not always require legal representation, it is also a very serious request from the court that may require legal counsel for those asking for any court order.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are legal issues that no one ever wants to face, but they are also very common. Some claims of domestic violence are serious and valid, and others may not be exactly as they are being described by witnesses when no physical evidence of injury is provided. Problems are enhanced when minor children are caught in the middle of a violent situation, and arriving at the truth in what actually has transpired is often best accomplished with assistance from a family law professional who understands when domestic violence is actually happening.

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While it is not necessary to have legal counsel when going to court on a family law matter, this is actually not a good decision for several reasons. The primary reason is that the court may issue an unexpected ruling based on the welfare of any involved children, and they may take a completely opposite view from what any petitioner may expect. It is always best to have a good expectation of how the court will rule, which is best accomplished with experienced and comprehensive legal representation. Never assume the Kent, Ohio court will agree with any family law request without legal representation from a Kent, Ohio divorce attorney like WWK Law. Contact us today!