Fiancé(e) Visas (K-1)

K-1, or Fiancé Visa in the U.S.

Life is filled with endless possibilities. Occasionally, an American citizen will travel to a foreign country on business or pleasure when they unexpectedly encounter the soulmate they have been searching for their entire life.

The only thing that stands between the couple and their happy ending is the need for the foreign citizen to legally enter the U.S. It is for situations like this that the K-1, or fiancé visa, was created.

The immigrant fiance visa provides the mechanism through which a foreign national may enter the U.S. for the sole purpose of marrying an American citizen. Like all other visas, the K-1 comes with a number of regulations and restrictions. For instance, the couple must marry within 90 days of the foreign national entering the country. Failure to complete this crucial step could lead to serious legal consequences.

Helpful Legal Guidance

It is possible for the U.S. citizen to apply for the fiancée visa by themselves. However, undertaking this effort without legal guidance is rarely advisable. The forms that must be completed are extremely complex, and missing or inaccurate information may cause significant delays to the case.

Legal assistance is also recommended because the U.S. Statement Department and the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service closely scrutinize every immigrant fiance visa application for signs of fraud. The help of a fiancée visa attorney may mean that applicants sidestep this pitfall so that their K-1 visa can be approved.

Contact a Skilled Immigration Attorney for Advice

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