Post Decree Issues

Post Decree Attorneys in Kent

A divorce or dissolution decree may signal the end of a marriage, but in most cases, it does not mean the end of the relationships involved. After divorce or dissolution proceedings, the promises made and orders issued by the Court must be upheld. This means that monetary payments and support obligations must be paid; visitation schedules must be observed, and property should be divided as agreed upon. When a divorce or dissolution decree is not honored by the parties, post-decree proceedings may become necessary.

When Post Decree Issues Arise

Post-decree issues may also arise because of changed circumstances. For example, a former spouse who loses their job may request modification of their support obligations. Conversely, if a party comes into money, or remarries, the other party may ask the Court to modify support obligations. Other changes in circumstance might include relocation or the changing needs of a minor child. If a change in circumstances occurs, it may be in your best interest, or the best interest of your children, to initiate post-decree proceedings.

The family law practitioners at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC understand that sometimes discord continues after a divorce or dissolution. Often, these situations are painful, and the assistance of a compassionate and experienced attorney can alleviate some of the stress and emotional burden that comes with post-decree proceedings. Because of our comprehensive knowledge and experience, our attorneys provide compassionate and reasoned advice to post-decree issues and will help you resolve the issue, whether that resolution occurs at the negotiation table or the courtroom.

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