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Business owners are faced with a vast array of issues for which they need sound legal advice. Over the years Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC attorneys have advised all types of clients with respect to the operation of their businesses, including manufacturers and fabricators such as original equipment, parts and materials manufacturers and fabricators; home builders, commercial builders and building industry contractors such as electricians, plumbers, excavators and material suppliers; retail sales and service businesses including software companies, and internet sales companies, automobile and motorcycle dealerships, and restaurants and other liquor licensed businesses; real estate developers and real estate and commercial management companies; and professional businesses such as physicians.

Portage County Asset Protection Attorneys

No matter what type of business you have, our lawyers not only possess the knowledge to address the legal questions you will face, our years of experience make us uniquely qualified to provide you with practical advice as well. Here are examples of specific matters we can help you with:

Asset protection — Protecting personal assets from the risks of the business is a primary purpose of forming a business entity such as a corporation or limited liability company. It may be just as important to shield the assets of one business from the risks of another business. Forming more than one business entity, or forming subsidiary companies may be advisable to protect assets and limit risks.

Owner relations — The law imposes certain obligations and rights on the shareholders, officers and directors of corporations, the partners of partnerships and the members of limited liability companies. The law also allows these parties, to a certain extent, to establish their own rules with respect to their relationships through agreements such as bylaws, buy sell agreements, close corporation agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, non-disclosure agreements and non-competition agreements. Knowing and understanding the rights and obligations imposed by the law, as well as the rights and obligations imposed by agreements can be critical. We can assist you with understanding which agreements to put in place and the terms that should be in those agreements for your particular business.

Meetings and record keeping — All businesses need to legally hold meetings and keep records. We can advise you as to what meetings you must or should hold and how to hold those meetings. We will also advise you as to what business and financial records to keep.

Employee relations — Understanding the rights and obligations between a business and its employees is critical. To some extent these risks can be controlled by operating procedures and by agreements such as employment agreements, employee manuals, non disclosure agreements and non competition agreements.

Customer contracts — All businesses have customers. It is important that a business understand, and where possible, control its risks with its customers. A business’s rights and obligations with respect to customers can to some degree be controlled by contracts, including purchase orders, sales contracts, warranties and warranty disclaimers. If your business deals with consumers it will also need to comply with consumer laws.

Third party contracts — In addition to doing business with its customers, a business will also do business with suppliers, bankers, landlords, vendors and contractors. It is important that the business understand its risks with each of these third parties and to the extent possible control those risks in the contracts it signs including loan agreements, leases, purchase agreements and guaranties.

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At Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC we understand that your job is to run the business and that our job is to help you identify and understand risks, to control risks and prevent problems before they occur. Our experience is that the costs to correct problems, in terms of time, energy, and money, far outweigh the cost of good advice upfront.

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