Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Consultation

Successful corporate governance comes from sound, well-informed decision making. For establishing or updating governance guidelines, ensuring compliance or dealing with an unexpected crisis, the experienced practitioners at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC provide knowledgeable guidance for directors of organizations both public and private.

In their extensive corporate governance practice, the attorneys at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC have advised clients regarding NASDAQ and NYSE governance rules, the Dodd-Frank Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This experience is coupled with a variety of matters touching on other applicable state and federal governance laws. With a track record of providing common-sense solutions and advice, the legal team at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC have become an invaluable component in the success of many organizations.

The practitioners at this firm provide guidance that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. A one-size-fits-all approach is never employed because Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC understand that each organization’s business plan is unique. Accordingly, clients receive highly customized services that are designed to protect the company’s interests and sustain its success over the long term.

Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC have considerable experience with numerous corporate governance issues. These activities include:

  • Resolving financial reporting irregularities
  • Planning for executive succession
  • Internal investigations
  • Establishing anti-takeover defense measures
  • Amending or creating the organization’s governance structure
  • Dealing with shareholder demands
  • Analyzing existing policies and practices
  • Drafting and amending governance materials
  • Providing advice concerning executive compensation

Whether an organization is dealing with business as usual or a crisis, the legal advisers at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC stand by to provide guidance and advice when it is needed most. Establishing a relationship with a trusted Ohio business attorney is a critical first step toward ensuring ongoing success, compliance with state and federal regulations and smooth, efficient operations. Contact Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC at (330) 673-3444 to schedule a consultation.