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All new businesses in Kent, Ohio need dependable and experienced professional legal counsel and representation when establishing their operation. There are many legal ramifications and requirements in any industry, and being compliant is absolutely necessary from the very beginning. The best method of ensuring compliance is also solid legal counsel and assistance in developing a business plan while laying a foundation for long-term success. This is even true for small businesses wanting to expand into larger or additional markets as well. And your Kent Ohio lawyer at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC understands well that having a feasible plan is always the first step in the right direction. The concept that failing to plan means planning to fail is very real, and setting the path and then following suite with all legalities in place is the way to accomplishing this goal most effectively.

Starting a Business

All businesses have licensing issues when first getting established, and even more so depending on the type of business. Restaurants are a primary example, as they not only need a standard business license for tax purposes, but also need approval from local health departments and licenses to sell certain products such as alcohol. Professional services businesses will often want to establish themselves as a limited liability company or a corporate entity of some type, also depending on the scope of the industry in which they are practicing. Having an experienced and knowledgeable Kent Ohio lawyer who focuses their practice on commercial business ventures is always the best method of getting established properly from the very beginning.

Business Operation

Maintaining compliance with all legal aspects of operation is essential for all businesses. Your legal counselor can monitor your business and remind you of significant requirements or potential problems when legal issues arise as they assuredly will with certain types of businesses. Problems such as emergency restrictions can leave business managers in a bind easily, and your legal counsel can advise on the best way to deal with certain aspects of business that impact cash lows both in and out during your operation.

Business Sales and Transactions

While some businesses deal only with point-of-sale interaction for cash inflows, many businesses will operate on contracts with primary clients and customers that must be properly developed regarding terms of breach and duties of all involved parties. Many companies actually operate solely on contracted transactions. And even retail businesses will have contracts regarding how they acquire merchandise or products for sale in their stores, whether that is an independent retail outlet or a chain of specific store types. It is always best for all parties in any business transaction to understand what is expected by all actors regarding each contracted agent.

Employment Law

Legal compliance is essential when hiring employees. Depending on the size of the business, the human resources management team must know what is required regarding compliance with EEOC laws and structure of employment relationships. A prime example is whether to hire independent contractors or maintain an in-house workforce with full standard benefits. The size and scope of business will often dictate these types of decisions, and a knowledgeable Kent Ohio attorney can ensure that all details are addressed when establishing employment policy for the company. Being fair and reasonable are always serious issues when dealing with employees, and consistency matters greatly when discrimination claims could arise over certain aspects of operation. All businesses are not equal when it comes to human resources, and being prepared for potential problems with manpower is essential for any successful establishment.

Ohio Liquor Law

All businesses in Ohio that sell liquor have a particular set of legalities that they must follow regularly. There are restrictions on many aspects of alcohol sales that include:

  • Designated hours of operation
  • Age restrictions on sales customers
  • Licensing for both package and per drink establishments
  • Special additional taxes
  • License maintenance and compliance

All operations selling liquor also fall under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Division of Liquor Control and are subject to inspection at any point in time. They can come in unannounced and can even send agents in when they think there is illegal activity happening in any business selling liquor or beer. And, they are serious about their responsibilities regarding all aspects of alcohol sales distribution both to and by businesses selling these products.

Business Planning and Consultation

While some aspects of establishing a new business are all similar, there are also types of businesses with serious concerns to address before even opening the door to patrons and clients. These considerations can range significantly based on the particular industry, and not all individuals with a sales model in mind will understand all potential legalities and problems that can arise regarding business responsibility. Issues such as adequate liability insurance protection, compliance with workers compensation insurance requirements, and operational standards can all benefit from having extensive consultation with a professional Kent Ohio attorney who deals with businesses on a daily basis. Their advice can be very valuable when building a solid business plan, and WWK Law can provide that professional input.

Business Financing

It is often fruitless to attempt opening a new business when there is no capital available to support the operation during the early days and beyond. This is especially true for new businesses in highly competitive markets. It takes money to make money, and having ample cash flow without the benefit of a developed clientele is vital for all new businesses. Acquiring a line of credit is not as simple as just going to the bank and asking for a small business loan. A seasoned and dedicated business lawyer can help with locating dependable credit lines even when an entrepreneur has adequate personal financial resources they can use in getting the operation up and running. It is often best to retain a financial institution partner when first beginning if at all possible, or at least look at additional funding after establishing a solid customer base. Of course, this also takes a well-crafted business plan that can be used in influencing the financial institution managers to approve the credit line. This can also be an advantage of having a reputable business legal professional handling your opening, as it shows seriousness and focus on your entrepreneurship mission.

Never attempt opening a major business in Kent Ohio without consulting with an established legal professional who understands the nuances of business and commercial law. The Kent Ohio lawyer you select can make a major difference. That difference maker in Kent is Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC business and commercial lawyers.

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