Theft is defined as the act of taking property without consent, with the intention to permanently deprive the owner. Under Ohio Revised Code Ann. § 2913.02 it is prohibited to “knowingly obtain” or “exert control” over another person’s property in any of the following ways:

  1. Without consent of owner;
  2. Beyond the scope of express or implied consent of the owner;
  3. By deception;
  4. By threat;
  5. By intimidation.

A violation of any of these sections will result in a charge ranging from a Misdemeanor of the First Degree to a Felony of the Fifth degree. The Misdemeanor charge can be referred to as “petty theft”. Felony charges can also use the legal terms of Grand Theft or Aggravated Theft.

The penalties typically include imprisonment and/or a fine which is dependent upon the value of the property and the classification the value falls under.

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