On Wednesday, July 12, 2015, Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC hosted a free informational seminar for clients of WK&C who had legal questions pertaining to residential and/or commercial landlord/tenant law in the State of Ohio.   The informational seminar was the second in a series of seminars that WK&C has scheduled to offer legal recommendations to its’ client for issues that arise during the course of the operation of their rental businesses. Topics discussed at the seminar included the interrelationship between Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law and Ohio Domestic Relations Law.

Attorney Errol Can, a partner at WK&C, gave a presentation at the seminar on the interplay between Ohio Criminal Law and a tenant’s rights pursuant to their Lease Agreement. In addition, the seminar covered the topic of the procedure required to obtain civil judgments against former tenants and the options available to pursue collection of civil judgments in the State of Ohio. Attorney Peter C. Kratcoski, also a partner at the firm, provided an explanation of options for civil judgment collection, including wage garnishment, bank attachment, and civil execution on personal property.

WK&C will continue to offer to its’ clients free informational seminars on legal issues that arise during the course of their business operation. Announcements as to the dates and time of future free informational seminars will be forthcoming.